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Lynch returns home

ELIZABETH, W.Va. (AP) - Former POW Jessica Lynch celebrated her first night home with fried chicken and her mother's chocolate pie before trying out her bedroom, newly renovated by community volunteers to make it handicapped accessible.

''It was a well-deserved rest,'' said Lynch's cousin, 1st Sgt. Dan Little, in an interview Wednesday with Diane Sawyer on ABC's ''Good Morning America.''

The two-bedroom home where Lynch grew up had been transformed by volunteers to accommodate her injuries and nearly doubled in size, with new ramps, an extra bathroom and a new first-floor bedroom.

Little, who accompanied Lynch on the flight from Washington, D.C. to West Virginia, told Sawyer that Lynch was in pain on the flight, but added she wasn't one to complain.

''I looked over at one time and she did grimace … she was rubbing her knees,'' Little said. ''But to tell you she was in pain, she never would.'' Lynch is suffering from broken bones and other injuries and faces months of rehabilitation.