Sunset fair big splash for residents

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 30, 2003

COAL GROVE - Standing outside her place of employment soaking wet and wrapped in a towel, Gail Reynolds believed she may have been suffering from temporary insanity.

However, the assistant director of nursing at Sunset Nursing Center decided to subject herself to the people throwing balls at the dunk tank at the Sunset State Fair Tuesday.

Tuesday and Wednesday, residents of the center along with employees and a few members of the public treated themselves to food, crafts, an auction and dunking various employees in the dunk tank from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to raise money for activities for the center's residents.

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"I did it for the fun of it and to benefit the residents - and I'm crazy," laughed Reynolds as she dried off.

"We tried to create a fair-like atmosphere as much as we can, and it's went very well. The dunk tank has been a hit," Roman Duvall, administrator, said.

"Everyone has worked hard on this," he said Tuesday. "We hope more people will come tomorrow and take a look."

Some of the food was made by the residents, Duvall said.

Lena Bowman, a resident of the center, said she enjoyed herself at the fair and also enjoyed the dunking.

"They're very nice to us, and I do like it here," she said.

Carl Larsen came to visit his wife Sandy, who is a resident at the center, and brought their four-year-old great-granddaughter Taylor Boatright. Boatright was giggling after dunking someone in the tank and begged Larsen for more money to do it again.

"You can't get the boss every day!" exclaimed Jason Elkins, an activities employee who dunked several co-workers and supervisors.

Most of the supervisors dunked laughed as their employees dunked them. However, those who dunked Cindy Lanning may be in trouble. She is the payroll supervisor.

"I don't think I decided. I was elected," Lanning laughed. "They saved the best for last. They all saved their money. They're probably going to get a big cut in pay."

Nevertheless, Lanning said she was more than happy to help provide better activities for the residents.