Youth football teams work through fundamentals to prepare for season

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 30, 2003

As the anticipation for high school football builds throughout Lawrence County,

there are some little leaguers are out there working just as hard to make big names for themselves.

Fairland Youth Football League's A-Team is looking to make it to the Turf Bowl for the first time this year. The Turf Bowl is the pinnacle of little league football to teams in the eastern end of Lawrence County and neighboring

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West Virginia teams.

The FYFL A-Team, like many other teams throughout the county, have been gearing up for season play with lots of basic drills and heavy conditioning exercises to get the players in shape.

"On paper, we're the biggest A-Team in the area," said head coach Clayton Dement.

But Dement knows and is trying to stress to the rest of his team that size can only carry a team so far if they are not working for the rest of it.

"No, you don't like this conditioning, nobody does, but without it, we don't win ball games," he told his team at the end of Tuesday's practice.

With that said and a quick team huddle, players go home to rest up for the next day's practice.

So, as everyone gears up for the big Friday night high school games try not to forget the little guys who work just as hard to play on Saturday mornings.