Deadline nears for tobacco settlement

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Lawrence County has been allotted $210,000 this year in tobacco settlement monies, and October 1 is the deadline for the first submission of applications for such funds.

The tobacco settlement monies are administered through the Southern Ohio Agricultural and Community Development Foundation.

To be eligible for funding, a person or business must present evidence that their enterprise will result in job creation or job retention. Lawrence Economic development Corporation Executive President Pat Clonch said this is an essential component to obtaining money.

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"These jobs have to be full-time, long-term jobs. They can't be seasonal jobs. It really comes down to who creates the best jobs and offers the best wages," Clonch said. "If two people apply for funds, and one would create 10 jobs paying $5 an hour and the other would create five jobs paying $10 an hour, that second application is going to get a closer look because those are wage-earner jobs."

Complete information about the tobacco settlement program and applications are available at the Web site Clonch said it is essential that those who want money fill out their applications completely. "While the applications will be reviewed locally, no local officials will actually decide who gets funding and who does not.

"After they are reviewed locally, the applications are sent to the regional board for review and then they are sent on to the foundation. So they go through three reviews," Clonch said.

In addition, those who want money must submit eight copies of their application.

Lawrence Soil and Water Conservation District Office Manager Peggy Reynolds said 14 Lawrence County people or entities submitted applications for monies last year. Three of those applications were approved for funding. The Lawrence County Board of Mental Retardation/Development Disabilities received money for an agricultural program involving MR/DD clients, Ohio University Southern

obtained money for a project that will benefit

downtown Ironton and the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation received money to building a spec building at The Point industrial park.

All applications must be received at the Lawrence County Commission office at the courthouse by 4 p.m. October 1.