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Nabbing crabs in Nags Head, N.C.

When people ask me what I did on my vacation to Nags Head, N.C., I'm quick to tell them about crabbing.

After a brief chuckle, I elaborate by describing the the process. This was my first attempt at crab catching so my directions may not be accurate, but they worked.

The first thing you do is bait your line. This consists of taking a string (one with a length that at least matches the depth of the water you're working with) and tying your bait, chicken in this case, to the end of it.

Once your string is baited, toss your string out in to the water. I learned that it doesn't matter where you throw it, the current will take the bait where the current wants to go.

You will want to keep a loose hold on your line while the bait travels around under water so you can feel when a crab is taking a stab at the chicken or whatever.

As you start to feel some small tugs on the line, feed the line a little lower into the water to make the crab think he's really winning. Once you've fed the crab this line of false hope, it will grow more confident in his bout with the bait.

Once he latches on to the bait, it's all over but the crying for the crustacian as you swoop in with a fishing net to nab your crab.

Once you've collected all you want to catch, it should be about dinner time. This means good news for your stomach and bad news for the crab.

This story is dolphin-safe. No dolphins were injured during the making of this story.