City election pivotal for Ironton#039;s future

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 23, 2003

Tribune editorial staff

And, they're off. With Thursday's filing deadline behind us, the race is set for the November election to choose the next leaders of the City of Ironton.

All elections are important, but this year's election seems pivotal. We must choose the candidates who will lead Ironton into the future.

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Ironton is at a critical point in its future. We must move swiftly and wisely to replace some of the hundreds of jobs lost in the community in the last several years. From the closure of the hospital to the demise of Ironton Iron, Ironton has seen more than its share of bad economic news.

Today, as we look to the future, we see that Ironton is poised for great things, but it will require great effort and great vision.

As voters begin to look at candidates for key offices and make their determination of the best candidate, we hope they look for such vision.

Which candidates will help generate the spark of interest that may mean the difference between Ironton becoming more of a bedroom community to the larger cities of the Tri-State? Which will help build it back up closer to the level of greatness it once enjoyed?

Which candidates will seek ways to grow the city, both economically and through annexation?

Which candidates are capable of making the tough decisions necessary to balance the community's needs with the realities of its economics?

Are any of the candidates concerned with the quality of life issues such as cleaning up the sidewalks and making the city's downtown more accessible and vibrant?

The more questions voters ask of the candidates, the more information they have to make a wise, informed decision when they head to the polls in November.

Regardless of which candidates ultimately are victorious, the race should prove to be quite interesting and informative for candidates and voters alike.

Remember, politicians should work for the people. And the people can hold them accountable.