Golf course to give way to thoroughfare

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 25, 2003

CHESAPEAKE-- Ivan Reynolds, of Chesapeake, brought his visiting relative Steve Matthews to play a few holes of golf Friday at Forest Hills golf course on Plumley-Poynter Road.

It was fun while it lasted.

"We're leaving on account of the lightning," Reynolds said as he put his clubs in the back of his van. "We don't mind the rain."

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Even with their outing cut short, the trip to Forest Hills left an impression on Matthews, who is from Boston.

"It's nice, relaxed," Matthews said of Chesapeake. "Boston is real fast-paced."

Reynolds seconded that opinion.

"We live in a subdivision and there are some young couples and some older couples, too -- and an excellent bunch of kids," he said.

Meanwhile, David Green and his stepson, David Peters of Charlotte, N.C., weren't ready to give up so soon. As the lightning split the sky a time or two and rain splashed at their feet, Green and Peters tried their hand at another hole before heading back up the hill to turn in their cart.

"I play year round," Green said. "I come one day a week, three of us do."

Much to his chagrin, Green and his golfing buddies won't be playing at Forest Hills much longer. the golf course will close permanently Nov. 30. The 44 acres that have been green and well-manicured for the last 36 years will become part of the Chesapeake Bypass.

Richard Mahar, who owns Forest Hills with his wife, Tammy, said they have enjoyed being a part of the Chesapeake area. They purchased the golf course in 1992 and made friends here.

"I'd like to thank the people in the Tri-State who have supported us over the years. It's been fun for us to be here. The people here are down to earth. There's not a lot of pretension and that's gratifying. They're respectful of the property. They've been extremely supportive and appreciative of the staff."

Mahar said he is planning to have a farewell event to officially close the golf course, perhaps Thanksgiving weekend. He hopes the people who have patronized Forest Hills over the years will come for one last swing of the club.