RH board working bugs out of middle school purchase

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 30, 2003

PEDRO -- It is going to take a little more time to work the bugs out of a purchase agreement between the Rock Hill School Board and Mended Reeds, Inc.

Last month the board agreed to sell the old middle school to the non-profit organization as a home for boys. Last night, the two sides met behind closed doors for approximately two hours in an effort to resolve issues surrounding the sale.

"We had an agreement written up but Mended Reeds proposed some changes and the board proposed some changes and the board had not had the opportunity to review those changes," Superintendent Lloyd Evans said. Neither Evans nor Mended Reeds attorney Randall Lambert and Mended Reeds Director David Lambert would elaborate on what the changes involved.

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The board will meet in special session against next Thursday at 7 p.m. at the high school to work out the details of the purchase agreement.

Meanwhile the Rock Hill School District has agreed to allow a special education teacher at the elementary school to break her contract with that district and teach in the Ironton City School District.

The board last week voted 3-2 to require Cheri Cleary to remain with the district. Board members Rich Donohoe, Troy Hardy and Carl Large cast the votes against allowing her to leave; board members Wanda Jenkins and Jackie Harris voted to allow her to leave.

By law, teachers wishing to break a contract must give notice of his or her intention by June 10 so that the district they leave has time to find a replacement.

Evans said Cleary was allowed to leave because the board agreed last week that she could terminate her contract and go to Ironton if they could find a suitable replacement to take her class.

Janette McFann, a special education teacher at the middle school will take Cleary's place at the elementary school. Retired teacher Jane Kerns will fill in at the middle school in McFann's place.