Road outside city limits is a car-fixing mecca

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 15, 2003

CORYVILLE -Coryville Road sets right outside city limits.

A short drive from downtown stores and the courthouse, it may well be the one place to remember if you can't drive - say, your car isn't running. Situated among Coryville's quiet residences are a string of businesses, almost all of which offer some form of automotive service. Only a mile or so in length, Coryville Road has not one, but at least three such businesses.

Jenkins Towing and Radiator Repair will fix what ails your car. "My father started this business," John Jenkins Sr. said. "I was born and raised next door. When my dad died, I moved back out here. I've been here since 1985. I like it out here. It's a lovely place to live."

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And to own a business, apparently.

" You get outside of town and you don't have to pay city taxes."

Jenkins was friends with the late Odell Ackison, who operated Ackison's Garage just up the road until his death in May. "I knew him my whole life," Jenkins said. "We grew up together."

Walker and Walker Automotive is just off Coryville Road.

Shafer Brothers Body shop will put your car back together if life has not been quite so kind.

"It's been here since 1975, and this is my sixth year running it," operator Jim Samons said. "We deal in auto collision repair."

Samons said he often recognizes the cars of Coryville neighbors when they drive past. "I may not know their names, but we speak and wave," Samons said.

And if your car isn't even on its last legs anymore, Larry's Towing and Used Cars will bring in your old wheels and get you some newer ones.