Some teams won#039;t make Super Bowl

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 9, 2003

With the Colts comeback win over the world champion Buccaneers on Monday, the Super Bowl champs are just 2-2. And the NFL runner-up Oakland Raiders are 2-3. It makes one think there might be a new champion this season.

There are a lot of teams capableof winning the NFL title, but some teams don't have as much chance as I have of becoming the next pope.

Here's the top 10 ways you can tell your team isn't going to win the Super Bowl:

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10. Sign greeting players at training camp reads: Wait 'til next year.

9. Cheerleaders pass donation cans through stands at halftime.

8. Team's statistic sheet does't include the offense's totals.

7. Head coach keeps trying to get a head count of the number of players who plan to attend his annual Super Bowl party.

6. Team chaplin offers last rites instead of blessing before each game.

5. Coaching staff shirts look like those worn by workers at McDonald's.

4. Tuesday film session becomes reruns of animated Disney classics.

3. Team bus is now yellow with thin coat of paint over the words Ironton City Schools.

2. Team's Quarterback Club changes its name to Backup Tight End Club.

1. Your team nickname is Bengals or Browns.

Ennywho, last week wuz a disappointing 8-4 to make the season mark 63-14. I gots to do better.

Pickerington North at Ironton: Ray Griffin's son and Archie Griffin's nephew Chris Griffin is the runnin' star fer the Panthers. Chris may be good, but I don't see any Heisman Trophy on his mantle just yet. Ironton 24, Pickerington North 20.

River Valley at Rock Hill: Ya could git an upset stomach since play is up a hill and down in a valley. I think the team left feeling good will be … Rock Hill 26, River Valley 18.

Fairland at Coal Grove: He ain't as big as the Hall of Fame linebacker Sam Huff, but the Dragons minature version makes his share of plays. Fairland 14, Coal Grove 12.

South Point at Chesapeake: And we'll just run, run, run now that daddy took the quarterback away. Chesapeake 32, South Point 24.

Ports. Notre Dame at Symmes Valley: Will the Vikings suffer a letdown after last week's big win over Lucasville? Yep. Will the Vikings play sluggish early? Yep. Will the Vikings get upset? Nope. Symmes Valley 36, Notre Dame 6.

Green at Sciotoville East: Injuries have taken their toll on East. Do I smell an upset? We'll see. East 16, Green 14.

Wheelersburg at Northwest: The Pirates go against their former coach Larry Hall. He might wish he were still there. Wheelersburg 24, Northwest 6.

Others: Gallipolis over Portsmouth, Waverly of Greenfield McClain, Minford over Portsmouth West, Lucasville Valley over Oak Hill, Ashland over Mason County, Yogi Bear and Boo Boo over Russell.