Halloween decorations not your standard ghosts

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 13, 2003

Not creepy or kooky, and not altogether ookie either.

But Stella Estes'

Halloween decorations are certainly unique and catch the eye.

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Travelers passing by her home at 1657 N. Second Street in Ironton are often seen craning their necks to look at her homemade decorations.

But they won't see your standard collection of ghouls and ghosts in Estes' front yard.

With a unique variety of flower pot figurines, non-carved pumpkins and stuffed figures that are crafted to look like children dressed as ghosts - even right down to the tiny shoes and pants that can be seen under the costumes. The "kids" are playing on teeter-taughters, slides and toy cars.

"I just love to make crafts and to sew," she said. "So

I just started doing it. Now I am seeing (this type of decorations) in stores."

Though she has been putting out the Halloween decorations for most of the 15 or so years she has lived on North Second, Estes said she does not go

all out for every holiday.

"I don't know why, maybe because it is our town colors of orange and black," she said. "I just enjoy decorating for Halloween."

After doing it for several years, she said people have started to remember her.

"I have run into people who know where I live now because they will say, 'Oh you are the one with the little 'kids' out there," Stella said.

She said she almost didn't put the decorations out this year, but her mind was changed by a few people close to her heart.

"My grandkids like the stuff. I wasn't going to put it out but my granddaughter kept asking me, 'when are you going to put out the teeter-taughter."

With a usual crowd of about 250, Stella said she expects quite a few children to come by for trick-or-treat. And Stella said she will be ready

Despite the uniqueness of the little scene, it is still a work in progress.

"I am not done either," she said. "I plan to put a "kid" in my swing too."

The Ironton Tribune wants to know what the scariest, neatest or most unique Halloween decorations are around town. Give us a call at 532-1445 ext. 24 and let us know. After Halloween we will pick a winner.