Collins Career Center gives student a car

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 14, 2003

How about wearing pajamas, camo, being a hillbilly, mixed up or wearing school colors to school?

That's what the students at Collins Career Center did this past week. Why? Because it was spirit week.

And what about winning a car? Tawna Martin, won a red Chevrolet Beretta, that the school's auto body students had worked on and fixed up.

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"I am so excited," she said, as she was still shaking after the car started with her key.

"I've had the best luck. This is so great. I had cars, but they were older and always breaking down."

Martin is a senior cosmetology student at Collins Career Center.

Mark Moore, a teacher and one of the committee members, said

407 were students in the drawing, which consisted of all the students in the school who had perfect attendance. Five names were drawn and each one chose a key that they hoped would start the car. Robert Viars, Chris Ticknor, Stephanie Baldwin, Whitney Damron and Martin were the names drawn.

Becky Leavitt, another committee member, said that this is all a part of spirit week and they will be giving another car away at the end of the school year.

"I went to a national competition and a car was given away. I thought it would be a great incentive for the students here. We gave one away last year, also," said Kim Kelley,

the cosmetology instructor and the head of the committee that promoted spirit week.

"We're here to help the kids, said Kara Terry, sports marketing instructor. "A lot of funding comes from the levy, which is up, and if we don't have good attendance, then the money won't be there to help them. This helps us and the students, and if the levy isn't voted on, we won't be able to do things like this for our students."