Three look to fill two South Point council seats

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 3, 2003

SOUTH POINT - Two longtime South Point council members want the village voters to keep them on the council for another term while a newcomer also wants the chance to lead.

In addition to the mayor's position, the two council seats held by Buel Collins and Marlene Arthur are on the ballot. Both are seeking reelection for another four-year term. Joseph Black, building code coordinator for the Ironton-Lawrence County Community Action Organization's Floodplain Management Program and former Ironton city councilman and member of the Ironton Business Association is also seeking a position.

One of Black's key concerns is keeping economic growth moving forward in a positive manner, he said.

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"We have had an excellent opportunity since the village annexed The Point," he said. "I hope to work with the administration towards a climate that is conducive to growth and prosperity."

Growth at The Point, he said, will create a positive ripple effect through the village that will spread to smaller businesses.

Another concern is keeping the police protection at its current level. Residents, he said, want to know they are safe and secure. He also supports the mayor and council's efforts to renovate and reopen the municipal swimming pool.

Black said he would also work to keep utility rates the same.

"I'm a firm believer in maintaining what we have," he said. "That's one of the nice things about living in South Point - the flat rate for water, sewage and sanitation."

Arthur, councilwoman for 12 years, will be seeking her fourth term on the council.

"Our many services and low utility rates make our village a nice place to live," she said. "I would like to have the opportunity to serve the people again, and I will continue to do the best for the citizens as I have done for the past 12 years."

If elected to another term, Arthur said she would like to see more recreational opportunities in the village. Council has applied for a grant to rebuild the municipal pool. Years ago, Arthur said she and others also worked to have the pool rebuilt when it was shut down once before. If the pool is successful, she would like to see tennis courts built afterward. This will not only benefit the younger population, but everyone as well, she said.

While Arthur supports The Point industrial park, she said she wants to make sure that no businesses or industries that locate there will cause any health problems for residents. She points to the situation at Biomass Energy, located adjacent to The Point's property, when making this statement. She does not want any other businesses to do anything that will not only pollute the air but possibly endanger the water supply as well.

"I am not against business, but we cannot put people at risk," she said.

Before construction of the Marathon-Ashland pipeline, Arthur said she and Councilman David

Classing fought hard with Stop the Ohio Pipeline (STOP) to halt the construction. Marathon-Ashland's original plans, she said, including having the pipeline go through the village park. While the pipeline was eventually put through, she said she is still proud for having halted the construction and not having it go through the park.

Arthur said she is also proud of her attentiveness to residents' concerns.

"I have addressed the problems that I have known about and have tried to solve them in a timely manner," she said.

Collins could not be reached for comment before Monday morning, but he was reached for an earlier story. The U.S. Army veteran and retired South Point postmaster and volunteer firefighter, is seeking his third term. He said he is proud of his accomplishments which include sponsoring an ordinance making it tougher for adult bookstores to locate in the village, construction of the village park and sewer and water projects that include construction of a new water tank that will provide water to The Point industrial park.

If reelected, Collins said he wants to continue working on those projects and help further develop The Point. He also wants to keep utility rates the same.