Election 2003 is over: Time to look at 2004

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 6, 2003

Tribune editorial staff

The 2003 election is unofficially over. Barring any changes or mandatory recounts, we have chosen who we want to represent us as mayors, councilmen, clerk-treasurers, school board members, township trustees and township clerks.

With that said, it is now time to start looking toward the 2004 election, even though it is a year away. While the 2003 election was heavy on candidates in city

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and village races, the 2004 election will be a busy on the county side. We will elect two commissioners, a sheriff, a clerk of courts, a coroner, a prosecuting attorney, a recorder and a treasurer. We also anticipate a list of levies and other issues on the local ballot.

In addition, locals will likely be voting on some state and federal representation.

While several candidates have either filed or picked up petitions to run for office, chances are, several more will jump in the race before it is all said and done. Jan. 2 is the deadline for those who wish to file for partisan races in Ohio and local levies and issues must be sent to the Lawrence County Board of Elections by Dec. 18.

As you find out more in coming weeks, make it a point to get to know those who will be running for countywide offices. Plan to attend forums, write to them, ask a lot of questions and, most importantly, find out which candidate most closely relates to you. You have a year to do this, so don't drag your feet.

And, of course, President Bush will be up for reelection next year. A long list of potential challengers on the Democratic side have thrown their hat into the ring.

Ohio has been a key battleground state for those seeking the presidency. President Bush and Democratic presidential challengers will be focusing a lot of attention on the state. Although it will probably never happen, we would like to see Bush and the Democrats to come to Lawrence County so they can hear what issues local voters will weigh in casting a vote.

Even though the 2003 election is history, 2004 is just around the corner. Be informed when you cast your vote next year.