Two men arrested after marijuana plants discovered

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 7, 2003

Two men are behind bars after Lawrence County Sheriff's deputies this week raided their alleged indoor marijuana growing operations.

On Tuesday, Shane Lyons, 24, of 2873 Porter Gap Road, was arrested after deputies went to his residence and found 20 marijuana plants, grow lights, plant food, air pumps and tubing and other cultivation products.

The next day, deputies arrested Irving Craiger, 60, of 5067 State Route 243 at his house after they found 69 plants growing indoors there. The raid on the Craiger residence also turned up timers, grow lights, pots and other cultivation items.

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"It is unusual to discover these indoor growing operations, however, we do realize some probably exist," Lawrence County Sheriff Tim Sexton said. "A big reason for an indoor grow is that the sheriff's office does pursue leads in outdoor grows that may be reported and this effort is enhanced annually through our eradication using helicopters to spot marijuana from the air."

Sexton said this year's eradication uncovered nearly 500 plants on both public and private lands.

"Those growing marijuana indoors feel they will not be easily detected and therefore escape apprehension and criminal charges," Sexton said. "However, the luck ran out on these two guys."