Symmes Creek group starts project

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 1, 2003

AID - The Symmes Creek Restoration Committee has adopted a "Clean Streams" project aimed at monitoring the condition of the tributaries of Symmes Creek.

SCRC Chairman Grayson Thornton said members have volunteered to periodically monitor the mouths of the tributaries to identify sources of household trash flowing into Symmes Creek and to collect trash by canoeing at the entry sites of streams flowing into creek's 50-mile channel.

"Our first collection was conducted a few weeks ago at the mouth of Rankins Creek in Getaway and a quarter-mile downstream on Symmes," Thornton said. "Several large bags of trash were pulled from the stream. One bag contained leftovers from a birthday party along with an envelope that revealed the honoree's name and address, which was reported to the proper authorities."

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Thornton said he hopes that this effort of SCRC will help residents of the watershed to be more aware of their natural environmental wonders and of the consequences of dumping trash into creeks and their floodplains.

"This is ironic - that there are individuals living along the creeks who value the recreational and scenic virtues of their environment, but there are others who willingly contribute to the worst kind of stagnant eyesores," Thornton said. "Our most important goal is to convince those doing the harm to stop."

The 26-year-old organization has sponsored log-jam removal that reduced bank-side erosions, stream assessment programs and canoe and kayak trips for pleasure and litter pickups. The group also coordinates efforts with other agencies.