Santa brings early presents to area

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 14, 2003

Tribune editorial staff

It appears Christmas is coming a bit early for southeast Ohio. And instead of handing out toys and other traditional holiday treats, Santa seems poised to provide a few economic goodies to our area.

Late last week, some of the final pieces fell into place that seemed to clear the way for a new Haverhill North Coke Company to start construction on a new coke plant just across the Lawrence County line in Scioto County.

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If it becomes finalized, the coke plant will bring more than 60 full-time, high-paying jobs to the area. And, that's not including several hundred jobs the construction would bring.

Then, as if one such present was not enough, on Thursday, Lawrence County officials said they expect the final paperwork will be signed bringing a new power plant to Hamilton Township in Lawrence County.

Calpine Corporation's plan to bring a nearly $500 million natural gas powered electrical power plant to the area is a second huge present for the area.

Calpine's plant would bring much-needed jobs to the area, too. This Christmas might just be the first of many such happy presents to come.

Work is progressing on The Point industrial park in South Point. Construction of a new roof on Ironton's downtown depot is expected to begin soon. Both projects are positive moves to help spark economic growth in the area.

We believe strongly that southeast Ohio is a great place to live and work. As word begins to get out about the wonderful benefits our area has to offer, we expect more positive economic news will be on the horizon, too.

And perhaps Christmas will come early every year or every month as more and more good economic news hits the streets.