New detective among Ironton police changes

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 3, 2004

Trading places. Ironton Police Chief Bill Garland said a shuffle within his department will hopefully end questions about one officer's workload and alliances and help improve the effectiveness of the department.

Garland said late last month, Capt. Chris Bowman and Capt. Jim Carey switched positions. Bowman, who had led the detective's bureau for the last few years, is now a shift commander. Carey, who had been a shift commander, will now lead the detective's bureau. Bowman will remain a member of the Lawrence County Drug Task Force.

Garland said the change came after he received inquiries from people about how much time Bowman put in as an officer for the city and how much of his work was actually for the drug task force.

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"We had too many people asking 'who's he working for?' 'Is he on the city's time?' 'I saw him out in the county, should he be working in the city?' It was a hard decision to make, and Chris was doing a good job with the drug task force, and I know that he will continue to do an excellent job. But there was too much controversy over who he was working for," Garland said.

Garland stressed that Bowman was not demoted in any way, and that the shuffle was a lateral move.

Garland said Bowman will continue to work with the drug task force in addition to the eight hours he works for the city. In addition, Carey and detective Jim Akers will work with Bowman and the drug task force on any drug cases that pertain to the city.

Garland praised the work of Akers, who was moved from road patrol into the detective's bureau earlier this year.

"We kept track of his first 40 days, and in those 40 days he solved or closed 19 cases," Garland said. "Of course some of those were with Chris' help, but he's doing a good job."

Garland said most of the cases in which Akers was instrumental were thefts, shoplifting, breaking and enterings and the like.

Both Carey and Bowman has been with the department since June 1990. Akers was hired in October of 1990. Garland said he was not sure how long Bowman lead the detective's bureau.