IHS cheerleaders work with Open Door students

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Cheerleaders from Ironton High School and Open Door School agreed that Tuesday's cheering workshop was about much more than just pompoms and dance routines.

The IHS varsity cheerleaders spent most of the day working with the Open Door squad that is preparing for its first game Thursday.

None of the cheerleaders from either school could hide their smiles as they talked about being role models, giving back to the community and making friends.

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IHS senior Leah Conley said that it is the Open Door girls that makes the cheerleading workshop special for everyone.

"I think it is a lot of fun. It is not only good for them, but it is good for us, too," Conley said. "It gives them experience and is an emotional experience for us.

"I have cried a few times today. They come up to you and hug you. It just makes you feel really good inside."

Ironton junior Megan Crockrel agreed that the hard work is far outweighed by the rewards.

"It helps me out a lot," she said. "Seeing the twinkle in their eyes, knowing they look up to us makes me want to work even harder."

Rosie Fannin, 15, is a first-time cheerleader at Open Door and is excited about the first game. She said she enjoyed getting to work with the IHS girls.

"The funest part was to cheer and dance," Fannin said. "They are really good."

With a little practice, Fannin said she thinks that their squad could rival the high school's group.

Fannin's classmate Sarah Turvey did not have as much to say but her ear-to-ear smile was worth a thousand words.

Monica Robinson, cheerleading advisor at Open Door, was so impressed with the event that she would like to try to do it every year.

"This is a wonderful opportunity. Not only because they are learning new cheers and dance routines but the socialization," she said. "They have had a wonderful time today."