City mourns loss of #039;gentleman#039; grocer Bartram

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 1, 2004

Norman Bartram, who owned and operated Bartram & Son grocery store, died Saturday at the age of 77. Bartram is remembered by friends and city residents as an "outstanding man" and a "gentleman."

"He was an outstanding man. If you talked to anyone in the community, they would probably all tell you the same thing," said the Rev. Dennis Strawn, pastor of First Baptist Church of Ironton, where Bartram was a member for many years.

"He was a wonderful man.

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When he was (working) in the store all the time, I used to shop there and I loved the way I could hear his laugh before I got to the meat counter and that's the way he was, friendly and warm. He will be greatly missed."

Strawn recounted how, years ago, Bartram had the habit of handing out hot dogs to children who visited the meat counter with their parents. "My kids knew him as the hot dog man," Strawn said with a laugh.

Strawn said that as a church member, Bartram was always willing to help in any way he could, often volunteering before being asked for his help.

Others in the community also recalled Bartram as a nice man.

"I knew him and his son," said Tom Allyn, owner and Allyn's Jewelers. "I bought groceries there. He was a nice guy, always a gentleman, even tempered. He ran a nice, clean store."

Bartram's father, Norman opened the store in

the late 1940s.

Funeral services will be

Tuesday at Tracy Brammer Funeral Home. A full obituary appears on page 6A.