Wayne National Forest prepares for timber sale

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 1, 2004


More than a million board feet of hardwood timber in the Wayne National Forest will soon be put up for sale.

Wayne National Forest District Ranger Gloria Chrismer said the trees were damaged by last winter's ice storm.

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"Nearly all these trees had a high potential of dying because their crowns were lost to the ice storm. Some were broken. There are varying degrees of damage but it's all still good timber," Chrismer said.

She said

other timber sales will probably be conducted next year and in 2006.Chrismer said forestry officials have been not only looking at how to clean up the damage, but also how to restore the areas that were particularly affected by the ice storm. Environmental assessments are now under way to determine the best methods of restoration.

Forestry officials are also planning several prescribed - or controlled - burns to eliminate debris on the forest floor. Chrismer said the forestry officials will be making an effort to let people know what areas will be affected and when the prescribed burns will take place.