Students receive gifts that will last

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 22, 2004

Third graders at St. Lawrence Elementary Wednesday afternoon had something special to take home to show their parents.

Each third grader got a white pine seedling to plant, in hopes that someday, that little seedling will be a tall, sturdy tree.

In celebration of Arbor Day, the Lawrence Soil and Water Conservation District visited schools throughout the county, handing out seedlings and talking to kids about why the earth is a better place because of our leafy friends. The tree giveaway is an annual event meant to increase awareness of our responsibility to the world around us.

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"We want the kids to know that trees are important to our environment," soil and water education coordinator Carrie Yaniko explained.

The kids were more than willing to share their thoughts on why trees are important.

"You can make paper out of them," Charlie Elliott said.

"They give us oxygen," Grant Geswein said.

"You can make canoes out of them," Christopher Seidel said.

Teacher Kristie Rudmann said her students have been studying about natural resources and were scheduled to go to the library after Yaniko's visit, where they can check out books about trees.

Ohio celebrates Arbor Day April 30. The national observance of Earth Day is today.

Lawrence County kids are getting their seedlings in time to celebrate both events.