Engineer releases list of projects

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 23, 2004

Portions of eight Lawrence County roads are on the list to be resurfaced this year;

parts of 15 other roads will get chip and seal, one bridge will be replaced and five others will be refurbished, according to information released this week from the Lawrence County Engineer's Office.

Lawrence County Engineer David Lynd said his office will advertise for bids next month to resurface 3.04 miles of Bald Knob, two miles of Waterloo-Mt. Vernon Road from State Route 93 to Buckeye Road, 7.65 miles of Aaron's Creek Road, .45 miles of Maddyville Turnpike, 4.84 miles of Slab Fork, 2.08 miles of Deering- Middle Leatherwood, .44 miles of Middle Leatherwood and 3.75 miles of Hog Run. This amounts to 24.26 of resurfacing, at a cost of $725,000.

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"We try to do about 50 miles of chip and seal a year; we've got 90 miles and chip and seal roads so this let's us do a road about every other year," Lynd said. "We have 275 miles of paved roads and we try to do it on a 12 year life cycle. Twenty years is just too long and 15 is stretching it, so we try to resurface a road every 12 years. We try to do 25 miles a year to stay even."

The county crew will tackle the chip and seal work. On that list is .88 miles of Old Route 75, 6.95 miles of Waterloo-Mt. Vernon Road, 2.50 miles of White Oak Road, 3 miles of Little Pine Road, 2.46 miles of Firebrick Road, 2.09 miles of Buckhorn-Pine Road, 1 mile of Dry Ridge Road, 4.36 of Buckhorn Road, 1.17 miles of Blackfork-Penial Road,

1.60 miles of Kelly's Mill Road, 5.22 miles of Cauley Creek Road, 4.58 miles of Tick Ridge Road, 4.44 miles of Buckeye Road, 5.10 miles of Telegraph E&W and 4.55 miles of Forrest Ridge Road, a total of 49.90 miles.

The bridge across Symmes Creek on Symmes Creek Road will be replaced beginning this construction season. The project is being paid for through federal bridge replacement funds. Lynd said he estimates the total cost of the project will fall between $400,000 and $600,000. It should be advertised for bid in May also. The current bridge was built in the 1920s and Lynd said while it is not in extremely poor condition it is rather narrow.

County crews will make improvements to bridges on Oak Ridge Road across Elkins Creek,

Big Branch Road,

Spring Branch Road, Turkey Fork Road and Langdon Road.

Lynd said the list of projects and the amount of work being done is about the same as last year's project list.