Man alleges deputies used excessive force

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 28, 2004

A South Point man has filed a lawsuit against Lawrence County Sheriff's deputies Randy Goodall and Aaron Bollinger and against local government, claiming the deputies used excessive force to detain him

even though charges against him were never filed.

Frank Thacker of 203 Washington Ave., who filed his lawsuit in U.S. District Court last week, is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

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He claims in his lawsuit that on July 2, 2002, a fire broke out at his barn and Goodall and Bollinger were called to the scene.

"Without probable cause or other reasonable justification, defendants Goodall and Bollinger arrested plaintiff (Thacker) for disorderly conduct and assault on a police officer, handcuffed (the) plaintiff and took him to jail."

The lawsuit further alleges

Bollinger used excessive force against him and that Thacker was held at the Lawrence County Jail for several hours before he was released, without being charged with anything.

The lawsuit alleges the two deputies have a history of using excessive force.

Lawrence County Sheriff Tim Sexton said he recalls the incident involving Thacker and he is aware of the lawsuit but said he thinks it is without merit.

"I normally don't comment on lawsuits, but in my opinion I think this is another frivolous attack on law enforcement," Sexton said.

"If this proceeds completely through the court system, I feel that the actions of the officers will be upheld. I stand behind

my officers. They did nothing wrong."