Man comes up with #039;Hulk#039; of a car

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 28, 2004

SCOTTOWN - Charles Vanhoose may not be a superhero but his "Hulkmobile" certainly looks like it belongs to one.

Vanhoose, a 27-year-old Kentucky native who now calls Scottown home, has customized his unique 1986 Ford LTD sedan after his favorite comic book superhero, the Incredible Hulk.

Complete with Hulk fists on the trunk, green trim, decals, figurines on the dash and a big green hood ornament, the car pays homage to the television show and superhero that Vanhoose loved so much as a kid.

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"It is in honor of Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. That was a great television show," Vanhoose said. "I watched all the episodes."

Vanhoose purchased the car for $300 in cash two years ago and recently started the transformation. Now, he attracts all kinds of attention.

"I get screams, honks and everything else out of that car," he said jokingly.

Still a work in progress, Vanhoose plans to add lettering and green tint to the car soon, plus anything else that will make his ride live up to its namesake.

"A lot of Hulk memorabilia is given to me. People want to see this thing totally decked out," he said. "It ain't much to look at right now, but it will be."

Vandals have been a problem, even ripping a bobblehead off the hood.

"The Hulk has got some enemies," Vanhoose said. "It hurts me. It makes me mad, too."

Fortunately, Vanhoose does not go into a fury driven rampage when he gets angry like his car's namesake does.

Though it needs a brake job, Vanhoose said the car runs like a top considering that it shows 55,191 miles on the odometer, but is probably really 155,191 miles.

"It has been a good car," he said with a wide smile. "I have gotten my money's worth."