Juveniles face charges in coal dock mischief

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 29, 2004

Three juveniles may face charges in connection with the break in last week at the Keystone Coal Terminal on Dayton Lane, at the old Dayton Malleable site.

Ironton police detective Jim Akers said coal dock operators had alerted authorities April 19 that the office had been ransacked

and that the culprits had destroyed a computer, pushed an air conditioner out of the window and had even cut a barge loose. An attached electric line prevented the barge from going down river.

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"I think it was retaliation," Akers said. "A day or two before this,

an employee had confronted the kids and told them to stay out of the place, that they could get hurt."

The juveniles could be charged with vandalism, breaking and entering and criminal trespass.

Two of the juveniles are 13 years old; the other is 12 years old.