Dog warden to crack down on dog owners

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 14, 2004

Start writing those citations.

That was the word Thursday from one Lawrence County Commissioner in response to the county dog warden's plan to crack down on errant dog owners.

Last week, Lawrence County Dog Warden Bill Click said he planned to ask the commission for money to mail one last reminder to the 1,900

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people who have not renewed their dog tags. After that, he plans to start writing citations.

Commissioner George Patterson said as far as he is concerned, dog owners who have not purchased a state-required tag for their dogs do not need another mailed reminder asking them to make the purchase.

"The law is plain - on a given date you go buy a license," Patterson said.

"From that point, you don't have to send them anything. I guess we'll start citing. We even extended the deadline to buy the dog tags."

County leaders are not only concerned about unlicensed dogs, but those that are allowed by their owners to run loose.