RVHS seeking former employees owed money

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Just call them the mysterious half dozen - they are being sought but have, so far, been rather elusive.

Robert Payne, the court-appointed receiver for the former River Valley Health System, said six former hospital employees are still owed money for accrued vacation, sick time and as payment for medical bills, but he is having trouble finding these people.

The six people are Kelvin W. Parker, Jacqueline Bond, Toya Sherrell Bond, Gary A. Smith, Margie Fletcher and Regina Mae King.

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The total amount owed to these individuals is $972. The individual amounts owed to these six people range from $22 to $278, Payne said.

This is part of the class-action suit filed by former employees after the hospital closed. The employees sought priority status among the hospital's creditors in their efforts to collect the accumulated holiday and sick pay and other benefits.

"We've done Internet searches and we've sent mail to the last known addresses and it just comes back to us," Payne said. "It's like they've disappeared. Out of 400-plus people, these odds are not too bad, but we were down to the point that we met with the attorneys and they came up with this idea. If Nov. 13 rolls around and they don't collect the money, the judge could say 'put it back into the funds and pay creditors.'"

The receivership has paid former employees approximately $1.3 million in accrued benefits. Most of the people owed money collected theirs late last summer.

Payne asks anyone who knows these six people to contact them and tell them they have money waiting.

These six people may contact Payne at his office, 604 Fourth St. East, P.O. Box 10, South Point, or by telephone at (740) 377-9455.