Construction plans at OUS Proctorville center halted

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 28, 2004

Construction plans have been delayed for the new OUS Proctorville Center, but university officials said they are dedicated to seeing the building plans become a reality.

Although capital bill funding will not be addressed until November, university dean, Dr. Dan Evans, said intentions are to keep moving forward.

"A delay in capital appropriations could delay construction, but we are committed to building the Proctorville Center," Evans said.

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Currently, the site is being prepared. Earth has been moved and the site is above flood-plain levels. A six-month settling period is required before actual construction can begin. Site preparation has already been paid for, according to Evans.

"I'm excited to finally see some dirt moving and I'm happy we're moving forward," said OUS Proctorville Center Director Stephanie Burcham.

Sen. John Carey and Rep. Clyde Evans will be supporting capital bill funding for the center.

"We don't have any firm commitment at this point, but both Rep. Evans and I support requests for the Proctorville funding," Carey said.

If funding does not go through in November, capital bill appropriations can be addressed again in the spring.

Several private donations were provided and OUS will continue fund-raising efforts. Marshall Smith and his family donated the land for the new campus.