Leadership conference could make a difference

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Tribune editorial staff

Don't let the fancy name confuse you. The Designing Our Future leadership conference, sponsored by Ohio University Southern, Briggs-Lawrence County Public Library and The Ironton Tribune is about bringing the community together and looking at ways to make it a better place in which to work and live.

The conference is not for the politicians or the business leaders. For it truly to be successful, YOU, the average citizen, will have to get involved and help generate new and fresh ideas. As the scheduled speakers will illustrate, it often is more about vision, innovation and forward-thinking than it is money or resources.

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What is the biggest challenge facing Lawrence County? Many are quick to say finding a way to create jobs. While that is certainly crucial, we believe looking at the big picture provides a different answer. Our biggest challenge is to overcome the apathy that threatens to overcome our community.

According to our good friends at Webster's, apathy is defined as a lack of interest; lack of emotion; indifference to what is going on around you. A small word, but a big problem, that seems to have overtaken many in this hustle and bustle day and age.

Many people are quick to stand up and point out what is wrong within our community. Too often, when the time comes to work towards change, the room clears like a fire drill at a gasoline refinery.

No one person is to blame. It is an all too common thing today as many struggle in their daily lives. Still, a few hours per week could make a difference for the future generations who may want to call Lawrence County home.

Now is the time to take the fight to the streets. It starts with a simple phone call. Let one of the three sponsors know that when Thursday, Aug. 26, rolls around, you will be there to do your part and help restore Lawrence County's identity and pride.

Philadelphia-born journalist and poet George Pope Morris may have said it best in The Flag of Our Union: "United we stand. Divided we fall."

Let's stand together.