Rock Hill BOE plans special meeting

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 10, 2004

ELIZABETH TOWNSHIP - With less than two weeks until the school year begins the dispute over who will administer the Rock Hill School District will be aired on Thursday night.

Rock Hill's Board of Education will meet in special session at 7 p.m. Thursday with only two items on the agenda: Superintendent Lloyd Evans and his potential replacement.

"We start school next week," board president Lavetta Sites said. "We’ve got to know where we’re going."

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Evans' employment has been in question since the board chose not to renew his contract in February.

Evans argues that the previous school board extended his contract in November, an extension the current board disputes.

Contacted on Monday afternoon, Evans said he had not received official notice of Thursday's meeting.

"I heard rumors that there might be a meeting this week," he said. "I've had no communication with the president of the board. I have had communication with three members of the board. I've called the president several times, but she is either screening her calls or just does not return them."

When asked why she felt the district would be better with a new superintendent, Sites said she was preparing a statement to answer that at Thursday's meeting.

For Evans, the issue is simple.

"I think it's a personal vendetta," he said. "Because I would not recommend family members for jobs."

Evans said he hopes the issue can be resolved soon.

"The board needs to be concerned about the education of children and doing things that benefit children than seemingly being obsessed with the idea of removing me," he said.

Sites said Thursday's agenda contains a resolution to inform Evans that his contract with the board has expired and his services with the board are no longer desired. The board will also consider appointing an acting superintendent.

Ignoring the previous board's last-minute contract extension, the new board chose to non-renew Evans' contract in late February and his last day as superintendent was supposed to have been July 31, according to the new board president. But Evans has continued to work every day since then.

"I've been on the job everyday," Evans said. "Of course, legally, I've got a five-year contract."

Evans has sued the board over the issue of whether his five-year contract is valid or not.

Last month Lawrence County Common Pleas Judge Richard Walton ruled that the board violated the state’s sunshine law when because members did specify what personnel issue they would discuss in executive session when they went behind closed doors to discuss Evans' tenure with the school district.

Walton said Monday that he would not rule on the remainder of the lawsuit until the discovery phase is completed.