Children should come first in RH dispute

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Tribune editorial staff

A few members of the Rock Hill Board of Education seem to have forgotten something.

Somewhere in the political battles, face-to-face confrontations and behind closed doors bickering, they forgot about the students.

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Battles lines have been drawn; attorneys have been hired and lots of time, energy and money are being wasted, and for what purpose?

Honestly, we cannot say for certain.

A few board members seem hell-bent on getting rid of long-time superintendent Lloyd Evans, but they cannot, or will not, put their reasoning into words.

It's a simple question, really. Are the students of the district better off with Evans leading the district or without him?

Evans points to years of financial stability and clean financial audits. He points to the district's ability to build new buildings without increasing taxes for the residents. He points to parents who do not have to pay any textbook fees and whose children - all of the children in the district - can eat breakfast and lunch at the school for free.

Evans points to many reasons why he feels he should be allowed to keep his position. But his detractors seem long on anger and short on details. They may have good, sound logic to support their cause, but we - and more important the parents in the district - need to hear that logic.

Several people, including some board members seem upset that the district is spending money to hire lawyers for the legal battling. And, those people who know exactly how much is being spent do not seem to want to admit it to the public, according to some board members.

Lots of parents in the Rock Hill District feel upset and ashamed that all too often the district only gets attention for the bickering and fighting. And they're right. Isn't it time the folks in charge of the welfare of the children in the Rock Hill district stopped acting like children?

If Evans needs to go, fine. But let's deal with the facts, like logical, intelligent and civil people.

Remember, hundreds of tiny eyes are watching what their parents and administrators and school board members do. Let's not disappoint them, or their future.