Future depends upon you, your thoughts

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 21, 2004

Tribune editorial staff

With all due respect to Hollywood scriptwriters, rarely does a knight in shining armor gallop in and save the damsel in distress.

It just doesn't happen, regardless of whether that "damsel in distress" is a fair young actress or a community that has lost a bit of its pride.

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Let's keep that in mind for a moment. Lots of folks have lots of negative things to say about our community, where it is going or not going. Lots of folks want to point out the bad.

And, that is the easy part. It is easy for the damsel to cry for help. It is more difficult for her to help herself a bit.

Such is the case in our community. Economic changes that have affected lots of small communities have been especially evident here in Lawrence County. That said, our residents have held on despite the trouble. They have adapted to a changing world and overcome significant adversities.

Too often, some people tend to focus solely on what is no longer here. Those same people tend to watch and wait for some mythical group of people, be they politicians or some giants of industry, to one day sweep in and save the day. Perhaps those people dream of a huge industrial plant falling from the sky. And while it would be nice, it's not likely to happen, at least not with a little help from the damsel herself.

So what can you do? "I'm just one person," you might say to yourself. Well, lots of individuals working together can do amazing things. And that's the point of this week's leadership seminar, "Designing Our Future". The goal is to gather individuals together in hopes of getting a conversation started on where the community needs to go and how we can work together to get there. It is a unique opportunity to voice your opinion and show you care. True change in our community will come not from politicians or industrial giants, but from people just like you.

Join us from 8:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Thursday at the Ohio University Southern Campus & Community building at 1508 S. Ninth St., across from the municipal pool. The event is free with a $5 catered lunch available. Call 533-4588 to register.

With your help and wisdom, this community can reach new heights. But it starts Thursday, and it starts with you.