Bush to visit Portsmouth

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 14, 2004

With Ohio standing out as a battleground state in this presidential election, President George W. Bush will rally his troops in southern Ohio.

Bush will visit Huntington, W.Va., and Portsmouth Friday as part of his "Opportunity" tour. The President will be wrapping up an 8-day tour that touches down for 16 stops in six states - West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Wisconsin and Iowa.

"The tour is to rally support for his plan for a safer world and a more hopeful America," said Aaron Mclear, communications director for the Ohio Bush-Cheney campaign.

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The details and times of the visit have not been released but Mclear said the President will likely be on a bus tour that could travel through Lawrence County.

For Ray T. Dutey, co-chairman for the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign in southeastern Ohio, the event is one he wouldn't miss for the world.

"I think it will be a tremendous help to us. The President will really get his point across," Dutey said. "For the ones who are able to attend, it will really be worth it. He is an excellent speaker."

"It will be terrific for our area. It should help get people out to vote and to register. It shows the President is not taking Ohio for granted."

Dutey did not know the details either but expects the President to travel through Lawrence County on the tour as he continues to fight for Ohio's vote.

Last year, Bush carried Ohio's 21 electoral votes by just a few percentage points.

After Portsmouth, the President will head to Chillicothe.