Goober helping new Washington team

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 14, 2004

Kin you believe they is movin' baseball back to Washington, D.C., fer a third time?

Boy, I bet they is excited in D.C. to have a team, especially with the Orioles just a stone's throw away.

Let's face it. D.C. likes its football, but baseball just ain't been that popular. But I think I knows why.

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Every time they has a team, they names them the Washington Senators. What a bland shirt. There ain't no marketing process goin' on here. That's why I has a solution.

Here are the top 10 possible names fer the new Washington, D.C., baseball team that will git the fans a talkin' (among other things):

10. The Where Do You Think We'll Move To The Next Timers.

9. The Secret Servicemen.

8. The Capitol Hillbillies.

7. The Big Business Bribers.

6. The Interns.

5. The Marion Berry Undercover Sting Operations.

4. The Ted Kennedy Party Animals.

3. The Impeachables.

2. The Crack House Gang.

1. The Sinators.

This week's quiz:

Question: What does the average Michigan player get on his SATs?

Answer: Drool.

Ennywhoo, last week I wuz 10-2 to bring thuh season record to 72-14 (.837 percentage). On to week seven.

Portsmouth West at Ironton: The Senators like to call themselves the Siders. The Tigers like to call themselves the team with the most points at the end of the game. Ironton 27, West 19.

Coal Grove at Fairland: Which hurts more, a bee sting or a dragon burn? In this case, buzzzz. Coal Grove 28, Fairland 12.

Chesapeake at South Point: The road to the OVC title runs through Chesapeake. South Point is just a detour fer the Panthers. Chesapeake 28, South Point18.

Rock Hill at River Valley: A hill versus a valley. Talk about yer ups and downs. River Valley 16, Rock Hill 14.

Symmes Valley at Lucasville Valley: My money is on Valley. Oh, that's right. Which valley? Symmes Valley 15, Lucasville Valley 8.

Green at Ports. Notre Dame: The Bobcats show some skid marks. On their losin' streak, that is. Green 19, Notre Dame 16.

Wheelersburg at Waverly: Kin you say letdown? Neither kin the Pirates. Wheelersburg 27, Waverly 20.

Others: Portsmouth over Indianapolis Scecina, Portsmouth East over Oak Hill, Minford over Northwest, Jackson over Gallipolis, Ashland over Mason County, T&H Grill over Russell.