New Decatur Fire Station to cost more than anticipated

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 29, 2004

DECATUR - The Decatur Fire Station is on its way, but it's going to cost more to get it here than what was anticipated. The question now is who will pay the additional money.

Dale Mootz, director of theIronton-Lawrence County Community Action Organization's Special Projects, requested $18,969.47 Thursday in change orders be added to the original price tag of $212,186. Mootz said the additional money was necessary since the project has had several problems, starting with the site selection.

"They started digging and the footers filled up with water and then they found debris and it was obvious it was a filled site and not suitable enough to build on without substantial design changes," Mootz said. Decatur Township trustees then chose a new site approximately a half-mile away, but

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the new selection required new permits and by then, the cost of some materials had increased.

"The bottom line is, if things don't go according to the first plan, it is going to cost more to draw back and do it over," Mootz said.

The project is being paid for through state Issue 2 funds. Lawrence County Commissioners said they may be willing to help cover the additional expense but suggested Mootz talk with trustees to see what they can pay toward the change orders.

The new building will be a welcome change, according to Decatur Fire Chief Brian Depriest. "The old building is starting to fall down," Depriest said. "There are cracks in the walls; it costs a lot to heat it."

Depriest said a new building will not only be more efficient, it will also have more space for equipment. The current fire station is on the old Decatur Elementary School property on State Route 93.