State officials laud Dawson-Bryant#039;s excellence

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 29, 2004

COAL GROVE - They are excellent, and now they have a banner

to prove it and some words of praise from state officials in honor of it.

Ohio Board of Education member Cyrus Richardson Wednesday paid a visit to Dawson- Bryant High School, to congratulate the the middle and high schools on their rating of "excellent" on this year's state report card. Dawson- Bryant was one of 117 districts across the state to receive an excellent rating.

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Richardson brought along a banner that heralded the new designation. Dawson-Bryant High School co-principal Steve Easterling said the sweetness of success is the direct result of

years of hard work.

"It has been a team effort by students and staff. We've all worked hard. We've made changes in the curriculum and its seems like the changes we made are paying off.

Anytime you make changes some people don't like change, but the teachers and students have bought into it and that's made a difference. And Dr. Payne, the school board have all been supportive. Whatever we've needed they've gotten us," Easterling said.

Last month, national education officials visited Dawson-Bryant Elementary School to laud its designation as a national School of Promise" for its educational improvements.

State and national data show that Ohio's students are performing at higher academic levels than ever before. On a performance index that measures the averages of all students' scores on the state proficiency tests, Ohio has improved by nearly 13 points over the past four years, from 74 points to 87 points.

"Five consecutive years of improvement demonstrate that Ohio's educational system is working to increase achievement for all students," Zelman said. "We are very proud of those districts earning these high-level designations."