Board game tests players#039; county trivia knowledge

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Quick: can you name three of the six creeks in Aid Township? Who was the first child born in Ironton? What is the highest point of elevation in Lawrence County?

These are some of the questions featured on a new board game that asks players to match wits on Lawrence County History.

The game, "True Trivia of Lawrence County" is the latest project of the Old Historic Jail at Burlington Committee to raise money for the jail's restoration.

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Eighty-five games have been sold since the jail committee mailed out announcements about it a few weeks ago. "We actually had orders before the games were ready," committee member Virginia Bryant said.

The board game is a genuine work of

local expertise: Bryant and her son-in-law, Mark Near, developed the game rules and Near designed the game board. A group of local historians submitted questions.

The Printing Express in Ironton printed the game components and jail committee members gathered last week at the Briggs-Lawrence County Public Library's Chesapeake branch to assemble the game pieces.

While committee members hope to make money with the effort, they also hope to instill a sense of pride and a love of learning among the county residents who try their hand at the trivia game. "This ought to be in every school," committee member Dave Milem said. "If you play the game a few times you know all the townships and where they are and something about them."

Greater Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bill Dingus said he would like to see the committee develop a computer version of the game, and Dingus said he would like to see local schools or 4-H clubs make the game a part of their activities.

"I'd like to see tournaments," Dingus said. "Maybe we could have playoffs between the schools or clubs. … This is a great game."

The games are $14.88 plus tax and are sold at all library branches, Unger's Shoe Store, Lou's Style Shop and The Printing Express.