Bargain shopping: Aid VFD buys new fire truck for #036;1

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 29, 2004

AID TOWNSHIP - What can you by with $1 today?

Not much unless you are the Aid Township Volunteer Fire Department who was fortunate enough to buy a new-to-them truck for that single bill.

The Town & Country Fire District in West Salem sold the department a used 1984 Ford pumper, leaving Aid fire officials ecstatic.

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"This is just unbelievable and almost too good to be true," said Chief Joe Justice, as they inspected the vehicle when it was delivered earlier this month.

Justice said the new truck will upgrade the department's pumper by a decade.

Aid was chosen from a list of needy rural departments once Town & Country decided it wanted to do more than just sell the vehicle.

"We are very appreciative to the men and women of the Town & Country Fire District for their decision to do something good with their excess truck," said Charles Bowling, firefighter and president of the Aid Department.

The truck came fully equipped and ready to battle blazes when needed.

"Helping others is what firefighters do, and many times it is for people we don't even know, so when one group of firefighters helps another group, it is humbling and a continuing tradition," Bowling said. "This is a gift to the people of Aid Township from the people of the Town & Country Fire District. To them, we say "thanks!"