Jenkins#039; murder trial on hold until January 24-25

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Monday's scheduled murder trial for Carlos Jenkins was put on hold for two months after what the judge called an "eleventh-hour"

motion regarding new evidence.

According to documents filed Monday morning at 8:35 a.m., defense attorney David Reid Dillon asked for a continuance "on the grounds that newly discovered evidence exonerating the defendant is currently being developed and a short continuance is needed to interview the relevant witnesses and obtain their attendance at trial."

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Dillon said in his documents that the evidence will prove another person or persons killed John Turvey at his Lane Ridge residents Sept. 3, and that Jenkins is innocent.

According to the documents, two individuals came forward only recently and told a local private investigator that a female acquaintance admitted to them she shot John Turvey in an attempt to get Oxycontin.

Lawrence County Common Pleas Judge Richard Walton rescheduled the trial for Jan. 24- 25. In dismissing the jurors who showed up at the courthouse expecting to serve, Walton said he was sorry there was not enough time to notify them beforehand and were inconvenienced by the continuance.

"We got you here got a prep report ready, I spent the weekend doing that, got witnesses ready and everything ready to go and then came this eleventh hour matter," Walton said. "But this is in the interest of a fair trial. … Thank you for coming."

Jenkins is accused of shooting Turvey multiple times after Turvey became agitated during a conversation between the two men.

Jenkins' supporters maintain he did not shoot Turvey. They claim he is easily led and only admitted to the crime because he thought Lawrence County Sheriff's deputies wanted him to do so.