Symmes Valley dominates All-Southern Ohio Conference Div. I selections

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 30, 2004

(Editor's note: This is a corrected version of a story published Nov. 28, 2004. We regret the error and are happy to correct it.)


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One quick glance at the All-Southern Ohio Conference Division I football team will explain why the Symmes Valley Vikings won a third straight championship.

The Vikings landed eight players on the first team, three more on the second team and grabbed two individual awards.

Jon Dillon, a 6-foot-2, 230-pound senior, was the Lineman of the Year while Rusty Webb won the top coaching honor.

Webb guided the Vikings to a third straight SOC championship and a 10-2 record overall including a first-ever trip to the regional finals in Division VI.

Joining Dillon on the first team was senior lineman Eli Bowling (5-9, 190), senior running back Cory Burcham (5-11, 160), junior lineman Alex Burnett (6-3, 240, senior end Derrek Cremeans (5-10, 170), junior running back Derek Carpenter (5-8, 160), senior fullback Justin Holland (5-10, 180) and senior quarterback Craig Neal (5-9, 155).

On the second team were senior end Michael White (6-04, 185), junior end

Seth Saunders (6-3, 175) and junior lineman John Wiseman 6-0, 205).

The Green Bobcats landed senior running back C.J. Blevins (5-9, 160) on the first team while junior fullback Mark Castro (5-11, 230) was a second team selection.

Division II champion Wheelersburg dominated all-league selections and swept the individual awards.

Brian Stephenson was the Back of the Year, James Conkey to best lineman and Tony Lewis was the Coach of the Year as he led the Pirates to a 9-1 regular season and 11-2 overall mark.

On the first team for the Pirates were Stephenson, a 5-11, 161-pound senior running back, Conkey, a 6-1, 250-pound junior, senior quarterback Tom Kaskey (6-2, 195), junior running back Brandon Jackson (6-0, 167), senior tight end Tyler Suter (5-11, 181), junior fullback Brandon White (5-9,177), and twin brothers Alex Peach (5-11,174) and Brian Peach (5-11, 177), both senior defensive linemen.

On the second team for Wheelersburg were senior end Matt Watson (5-8, 152), junior lineman Jordan Clark (5-11, 236) and sophomore defensive back Kailyb Burgess (5-11, 173).

Southern Ohio Conference

2004 All-League Football Team

Football Division I

First Team

Eli Bowling (Symmes Valley), Cory Burcham (Symmes Valley), Alex Burnett (Symmes Valley), Derek Carpenter (Symmes Valley), Derrek Cremeans (Symmes Valley), John Dillon (Symmes Valley), Justin Holland (Symmes Valley), Craig Neal (Symmes Valley), Kyle Arnold (Valley), Logan Crabtree (Valley), Corey Gulley (Valley), David Myers (Valley), Jordan Swavel (Valley), Bryan Adkins (East), Ricky Henderson (East), Travis Riggs (East), Brandon Williams (East), Matt Boggs (Oak Hill), Andy Elcess (Oak Hill), Dustin Walters (Oak Hill), Louis Schoettle (Notre Dame), Thomas Wallace (Notre Dame), C. J. Blevins (Green).

Second Team

Seth Saunders (Symmes Valley), Michael White (Symmes Valley), John Wiseman (Symmes Valley), Nate Charlton (Valley), Jared Hettinger (Valley), Ryan Turner (Valley), Arthur Henderson (East), Jimmy Mills (East), Josh French (Oak Hill), Ty Marshall (Oak Hill), Tim White (Notre Dame), Mark Castro (Green).

S.O.C. Division I Champions:

Symmes Valley (S.O.C. Record 5-0)

Back of the Year:

Ricky Henderson (East)

Lineman of the Year:

John Dillon (Symmes Valley)

Coach of the Year: Rusty Webb (Symmes Valley)


Football Division II

First Team

James Conkey (Wheelersburg), Tom Kaskey (Wheelersburg), Brandon Jackson (Wheelersburg), Alex Peach (Wheelersburg), Brian Peach (Wheelersburg), Brian Stephenson (Wheelersburg), Tyler Suter (Wheelersburg), Brandon White (Wheelersburg), Cody Dodridge (Minford), Eric Mowery (Minford), Mark Shonkwiler (Minford), Ryan Souders (Minford), Correy Bryant (Waverly), Justin Kritizer (Waverly), Casey Osborne (Waverly), Bryan Willis (Waverly), Aaron Frump (West), Jerrod Pendleton (West), Chad Perry (West), Michael Whitman (West), Brian Glenn (Northwest).

Football Division II

Second Team

Kailyb Burgess (Wheelersburg), Jordan Clark (Wheelersburg), Matt Watson (Wheelersburg), Nick Pendelton (Minford), Daniel Deidel (Minford), Levi Cossey (Waverly), Justin Lett (Waverly), Levi Morgan (West), Kyle Ruggles (West), Andrew Ralstin (Northwest), Matt Swords (Northwest).

S.O.C. Division II Champions:

Wheelersburg (S.O.C. Record 4-0)

Back of the Year: Brian Stephenson (Wheelersburg)

Lineman of the Year: James Conkey (Wheelersburg)

Coach of the Year: Tony Lewis (Wheelersburg)