On the top: Crash flips truck in Ironton

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 17, 2004

With his red truck sitting perfectly upside down, 82-year-old John DeWitt could only shake his head and be thankful for his life.

Blood drops dried along his ear as the Kitts Hill resident stood on Spruce Street in Ironton looking on in amazement as the wrecker crew tried to right his flipped vehicle.

"I am just thankful to the Lord that no one was hurt," he said with a chuckle, in remarkable good spirits considering the circumstances. "I didn't even get a thought. I knew I was hit hard. You just see stars when you are going upside down."

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Unfortunately, his vehicle did not come out nearly as unscathed as he did.

DeWitt was traveling westbound on Spruce in his 1994 Chevy S-10 when he crossed the intersection with Third Street. Little did he know, Orlyn Wilson, 92, of Willow Wood never saw the light change until it was too late, according to Ironton Police Department Sgt. Joe Ross.

Wilson was traveling southbound on South Third Street in his 1998 Chevy Sierra when he hit DeWitt's truck in the side, flipping it over and plowing it onto the sidewalk.

Both men sustained only minor injuries and declined to be transported to the hospital. As DeWitt put it, "You know if you are hurt or not."

Wilson was cited for running the red light, Ross said.