Projects under wraps make us feel young

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 17, 2004

The Ironton Tribune editorial staff

Anticipation builds with each passing day. You watch the calendar as the big day gets closer and closer.

Your imagination runs wild with possibilities, both of the humble and pie-in-the-sky variety. You know what has been asked for, but you never know what you will get.

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Soon, it will be time for the big unveiling of all the new goodies.

Does it sound like what a young child goes through as Christmas approaches? It is, but we are feeling the same way and we have long since said goodbye to childhood. (Or at least we like to think we have.)

What has us so excited is not the presents that Santa may leave under the tree but the "gifts" that all of Lawrence County's little elves have been hard at work on for months.

Much like Christmas presents, we don't know exactly what is under the wrapping paper but we have a good idea that it will be something good for everyone.

Local leaders and economic development groups have not taken the holiday season off as many continue to work on a variety of projects that could help ring in the new year.

The Lawrence County Commissioners and the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation and others are working on plans that could involve new development on the site where the Dennis J. Boll Group and Shelter Home now stands.

The LEDC has also been working on other projects that could include adding to the Point industrial park or attracting someone to the former Depot building in Ironton.

The Ironton Port Authority has at least three projects in the works for the South Ironton Industrial Park but all are still being kept quiet.

We can't wait to unwrap these gifts to the entire community. Yes, they may come a little after Christmas or New Year's but that is OK.

We can wait, but it sure is awfully difficult. It feels like we are 5 years old all over again.