Haunted? Forgotten? Abandoned house is hot spot on Charley Creek

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 29, 2004

FAYETTE TOWNSHIP - One sign on the side of it reads, "Wolf Roost Inn-Tavern Est. 1805 Ohio."

The other sign reads, "Macedonia Road-Ohio est. 1834- Lost World." A third sign reads, "No Trespassing."

The signs and some slowly diminishing red paint are nearly all that is left of an old frame structure that stands in an overgrown plot of land on a hillside on County Road 144 in Fayette Township.

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What is it? Not much now, judging by the looks of it. What was it, in a kinder, gentler time? No one seems to know.

Is it haunted? Some in the area contend it is.

Others say they have no idea what lurks in the structure's past or present.

"It's been there for years," Wanda Ray of South Point said as she glanced at the old, red building. "I've lived here for years and it's always had the same old look."

"I think it used to be a house and then someone turned it into a barn," Harold Spradling, of South Point, said.

"I pass it every day and I have often wondered what it was but I never knew," Tim Barnett, of South Point said.