Lawrence County officeholders take oaths, offices this week

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 14, 2005

A new year is bringing new hopes and aspirations for some at the Lawrence County Courthouse.

Late last week and this week, officeholders - some new and some reelected - are swearing to do their best for the county's citizenry and in so doing,

pledging to leave their mark on the face of local government.

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At his swearing-in ceremony Tuesday, Lawrence County Sheriff Tim Sexton pledged to continue protecting, serving and fighting crime.

Sexton said his hopes for the coming four years are to continue seeking grants to help supplement the office's restrictive budget, continue working with the Lawrence County Commission to seek additional funding for his office and to continue working to increase arrests and decrease crime within the county.

"I promise to work as hard or harder to achieve goals at the sheriff's office," Sexton said.

Lawrence County Recorder Sharon Gossett Hager said her swearing-in Monday was a chance to officially put a long, exhausting campaign year behind her.

"I look forward to being

to focus solely on this office," she said. "I want to upgrade some of our systems and basically provide the great service this office has always been known for," she said.

Les Boggs, Lawrence County's new Clerk of Courts, was sworn in at a courthouse ceremony last week.

Boggs said he is spending his first days in office

"taking an assessment of the office" and getting to know the staff.

"I look forward to working with the current staff and making our teamwork work for Lawrence County," he said.

While some officeholders had cake-and-punch affairs for their swearing- in ceremonies, others opted for short and sweet, with no fanfare at all. Lawrence County Prosecutor J.B. Collier was sworn in at his office Tuesday morning and then it was business as usual.

Collier, who is starting his fourth term as prosecutor, said he plan to continue the same level of professionalism and service be began twelve years ago.

"My philosophy has always been to try to be objective. I don't have any personal vendettas, to be responsive to the people of Lawrence County, to be firm when necessary and above all seek justice for the community. Those were my goals from day one," Collier said.

Lawrence County's new treasurer, Steve Burcham, will not have a swearing-in ceremony just yet. The treasurer actually takes office when the county's tax year ends. That won't happen until August.