Moulton has history of family fun

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 28, 2005

"OK, let's keep it tight. Are we ready? Go!" Toni Barcus of Ironton called out, organizing the action before she joined her son and some friends for a slide down the snow-covered Moulton Field slope.

The ride to the bottom was fast and apparently fun. Within minutes, everybody was back up the hill, ready to try it again.

With school canceled Friday and four inches of snow on the ground, what else was there to do?

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Barcus, who came with her son, Logan, 7, boyfriend, Brad Markins and friends Jarred Miller, Conor Markins, David Markins, said they come to slip and slide "just about every time it snows."

The Barcus-Markins clan was in good company Friday.

Around noon, as many as 75 children and adults circled the sloping field and swooshed to the bottom, some using sleds, others snow boards and others large sheets of plastic.

It is not every day that the Tri-State gets four inches of snow overnight. Many residents decided they better make the best of it, in spite of the bitter cold.

For Molly Crance, her trip to Moulton Field with her son, Jarred Crance-Miller, and friend, Dallas Smith, was a chance to relive her childhood memories as well as make new ones with her child and friends.

"I've been coming here since I was six. I remember coming here with my sister, Mom and Dad. Actually, one of my earliest memories is coming here."

Soon the snow will melt, but the opportunities for fun at Moulton Field will remain, though changed.

Barcus said her group will be back in the spring for warm weather activities.

"Some times we play baseball in the summer. We've had a picnic or two under the shelter," she said.