Leo#039;s Carry Out busy pit stop in South Point

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 31, 2005

SOUTH POINT - It is a busy place, that corner of County Road 1 and Grandview Avenue.

Between the cars in the drive- through and the customers who come in and browse, Leo's Carry Out is both convenience store and neighborhood place.

Leo's has been a County Road 1 staple for 15 years. Robert Ackerman has owned it for 13 of those years. Before then, that location was home to Adkins Market.

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"We've got a great staff who know what the customers want when they walk in the door. It's a one-stop shop," Ackerman said. "And we're unique. We've got a little of everything."

And he means it. As one customer walked toward the front doors, cashier Abbey Bentley took one look and said "Oh, he'll want lottery tickets."

With lottery tickets, suckers, cold beer, pork rinds, and more, Leo's has a little of everything, and some things one may not expect to find.

Amongst the snacks and beverages is a selection of Amish furniture - rockers, cedar chests and small bird houses.

In the back of the

building are tanning beds.

For Darren Withrow, of Grayson, Ky., Leo's is an easy stop on the way to and from work at McGinnis, Inc.

He comes in one or two times a week. "It's convenient," he said.

"And the cashiers are pretty, too," Bentley joked. "Tell her that!"

Withrow left with a 12-pack of Miller Lite and a smile.

"Everybody is nice to work with and they work around your schedule here," said Bentley, who juggles both her job at the carryout and studies at Ohio University Southern. "My boss is really nice."

Fellow cashier Jessica Bryant agreed. "It's a fun atmosphere here. It's really not like being at work."