Workin#039; at the car wash

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 14, 2005

Cars and trucks were lined nearly bumper to bumper. Drivers waited patiently for their turn as dripping wet and sparkling clean vehicles rolled out of the darkened chambers like a Ford assembly line.

People from across the county took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather Saturday to hit the car wash on Jefferson and Second streets, the bullseye for this week's dart.

"I am just trying to get the mud off," said Rick Collins of Coal Grove as he toweled off his 1978 Chevrolet truck. "I am just trying to keep it clean."

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Layers of winter dirt and snow-fighting salt were washed casually down the drains. As soon as one vehicle rolled away, another filled its place.

"It ain't stopped all day. (Sunday) will be even worse," said Orville Sanders, a retired veteran who lives on McGovney Street. "It has just been non-stop all day is what my buddy told me."

Josh and Arlene White stopped by to give their dark blue car a cleaning.

Josh took care of the outside while Arlene had the tasks of vacuuming the interior.

"We are trying to get the sand and salt off the car," Josh said. "It is a nice day and just something to do outside."

It had been a least a couple of months and the ten minute wait wasn't to bad, Josh said.

From the lines, nobody else thought so either.