Communication key to small business success

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It's not my job. That single phrase is one of the most infuriating phrases in the English language, especially if you are trying to get a group of people to get something done.

All too often, that attitude - that it's not my job - permeates our world.

Those four simple words can magically do more to stymie progress than almost any other obstacle of which we are aware.

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Occasionally, a few folks in our area say something that makes us realize that their attitude is the antithesis of this. They take the attitude: I don't care that it's not my job; it still needs to be done.

Last week, newly elected Lawrence County Clerk of Courts Les Boggs asked some questions that made us think that way.

Boggs proposed some ideas to the county commissioners that would help small businesses better understand the resources available.

Boggs wisely realizes that Lawrence County is a county that is built upon small businesses.

From small mom and pop stores to cottage industries that can quickly grow into larger ones, small business is the economy in our area today.

And, as much as small businesses can play a big part in our economy, they also begin life on shaky ground. Many, many small business start-ups never make it past the first year or so.

Fortunately, lots of help is out there for these businesses from a number of resources including the county's chamber of commerce and the state of Ohio's Department of Development, just to name a couple.

Unfortunately, as Boggs pointed out, many new business owners are unaware of the help that is available.

Rather than worrying over whether or not his offer to help may offend someone, Boggs took the attitude that: It needs to be done.

We encourage Boggs and others in city and county government to work with the chamber and other resources to help get the word out so that more business owners - and potential business owners - fully understand their options.

Maybe, with lots of communication, we can rid our county of that dreaded phrase: It's not my job.

Yes, it is. It's our entire job.