Memorial Day parade will honor 216th

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 17, 2005

Typically, the honorary grand marshal for the Ironton-Lawrence County Memorial Day Parade is one person, often a veteran whose service to his or her country was years ago.

This year, the parade committee opted to do things a little differently, and honor an entire group of soldiers

whose service was more recent, their sacrifice still fresh on local minds.

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The parade committee voted unanimously Monday evening to make the members of the B Company of the National Guard's 216th Engineer Battalion collectively this year's honorary grand marshal.

The battalion returned home from a year's service in Iraq over the weekend.

"I feel this is the reason for the parade in the first place and these people do represent strength and they do honor their country," said parade Grand Marshal Jan Wisenberger, who suggested the 216th for the position. "I am so excited."

For Rick Brown, who served with the 216th until his retirement late last month, the


honor was a welcome one.

"I thank the parade committee for this nomination," Brown said. "I am pleased that our community and the parade committee thought enough of us to do this. It's an honor. It really is an honor."